Week of Dec. 11th

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Winter Spirit Days
December 11-15, 2017

Monday – Crazy Day🌈
Crazy Colorful Clothes 👚👖
Crazy Socks
Crazy Hair🎩

Tuesday – Pajama & Stuff Animal and Movie (3-3:45) Day🎬

Wednesday – Education T-Shirt Day 🎒
Wear any school t-shirt or hoodie
Staff eat lunch with students and share high school and college experiences

Thursday – Ugly/Beautiful Winter❄ Sweater Contest Day (Prizes awarded in class)

Friday – Twin or Jean Day👬


Week of Dec. 3rd – k and 1st grades

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Students will continue to make a flip booklet for the classroom materials.


Week of Dec. 3rd- (4th and 5th grades)

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Students will change the verbs into pictures.




usar la computadora-use the computer

practicar deportes-practice sports





Use the example below.

Week of Dec. 3rd-(6th Grade)

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Test over the following words:

el otono-fall                                  le gusta-she or he likes.

el invierno-winter                       esta nublado-It’s cloudy.

la primavera-spring                    hace sol. It’s sunny.

el verano-summer                       hace frio-It’s cold.

te gusta-You like                          hace calor. It’s hot.

me gusta-I like                             nieva-It’s snowing.

llueve-It’s raining.                       hace viento-It’s windy.

Week of Dec. 3rd – (Middle School/Cohort 3)

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Create a mini booklet of the following expressions along with a picture that goes along with the expression: Cover Page- Que tienes?-What’s going on? Write Que tienes? at the top of every page with the exception of the last page. p. 1 Tengo frio. -I am cold, p. 2 Tengo calor-I am hot, p. 3 Tengo sed.-I am thirsty. p. 4 Tengo hambre. I am hungry. p. 5Tengo sueno. I am sleepy. p. 6 Tengo la gripe. I have a fever. p. 7 Tengo miedo. I am afraid. p. 8 Tengo prisa. I am in a hurry. p. 9 Tengo razon. I am right. p. 10. Tengo suerte. I am lucky. p. 11. The last page should read, Cuantos anos tienes? How old are you? On the last page write Tengo ________anos at the bottom of the page.

K-2 (classroom objects), 3rd-5th (the verb to go in Spanish), 6th (the weather), Middle School (verb conjugations)

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K-2nd will discuss and draw pictures for the classroom materials in Spanish.



3rd-5th will talk about the expression, I am going in Spanish.  We will use the textbook pages 96, 97  to draw pictures for the vocabulary, A donde vas.

6th grade will continue to talk about the weather in Spanish on pp. 123, 124 in the blue text book.

Middle School will discuss the verbs and conjugate them on page 152 in the blue text.

How can I improve my Spanish?

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Duolingo is a great app. to use if you are looking to improve your Spanish.  Download the app. today to your smart phone, laptop or Ipad.



Cohort 3 (Middle School)

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My Cohort 3 students will look at verbs this week and draw a picture that coincides with each verb.  For example, the verb cantar means to sing.  Therefore, the student showed a person singing.  The other verb is lavar.  It means to wash.  Here are the verbs that the students will draw this week:  nadir-to swim, caminar-to walk, bailar-to dance, patina-to skate, comprar-to buy, limpiar-to clean, dibujar-to draw and jugar-to play.


6th Grade

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In 6th grade, we are talking about the seasons and the weather in Spanish.




3rd-5th Grades

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Students will discuss the days of the week, talk about going places and talk about where they go on different days of the week.






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Our kinder-2nd students are:


 counting by tens:















reviewing numbers 1-20



reviewing colors, greetings and classroom materials in Spanish.  This week, we will be discussing thankful hands in preparation for Thanksgiving.



Bienvenidos! Welcome! School Year 2017-18

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The assignments and projects will be posted soon for Spanish class.