Third Grade Communities Project

Posted on Monday, December 19th, 2011 at 1:27 pm

Third Grade Spanish Communities Project

Students will submit a poster board with the following: Display 10 sites from your neighborhood and 10 sites from one of the Spanish speaking countries. i.e. Museums, stores, famous homes, land formations. Students may submit this project in the form of 3 dimensions (design 3 dimensional figures and have them protrude from the poster board), divide the poster board in have to show the 10 different sites from each neighborhood or a power point presentation. Students may use drawings, images, color and or paint. This project must be submitted on January 17, 2012 You must display 10 sites from one of the 21 Spanish speaking countries and territories. Please choose from the following places: A List of Spanish Speaking Countries and Capitals
Spain – Madrid

Equatorial Guinea – Malabo

North America
Mexico – Mexico City

Central America
Guatemala – Guatemala City
Honduras – Tegucigalpa
El Salvador – San Salvador
Nicaragua – Managua
Costa Rica – San José
Panama – Panama City Carribean
Cuba – Havana
Dominican Republic – Santo Domingo
Puerto Rico – San Juan

South America
Venezuela – Caracas
Colombia – Bogotá
Ecuador – Quito
Peru – Lima
Bolivia – 2 Capitals
La Paz (Administrative)
Sucre (Constitutional)
Paraguay – Asunción
Chile – Santiago
Argentina – Buenos Aires
Uruguay – Montevideo

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