Continue with Animal Unit (K-8th)

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Marine animals

Students will discuss the book, Hugo no conoce el Mar (Hugo has never seen the sea) and make a similar book.Make mini booklets

Cover page-Instead of writing Hugo, students will write their name. i.e. Senor Walter no conoce el mar.

Students will draw the marine animals on each page and label it in Spanish and English.

Marine Animals

el tiburón-shark

el pulpo-octopus

el cangrejo-crab

la ostra-oyster

la ballena-whale

la foca-seal

la tortuga-sea turtle

la raya manta-sting ray

la medusa-jellyfish

el pez espada-sword fish

la gamba-shrimp

el camaron-shrimp

el delfin-dolphin

Students can practice these words at home using

Assessment- The teacher will provide the students with the sea animal vocabulary. The students will write the English translation for each Spanish word

3rd-5th grades

Students will discuss the different literary genres. After discussing the genres, the students can choose one the genres to write a story using six of the farm animal words. i.e. They can write a myth about how those animals got their tails. The students will work in groups to write the story in Spanglish. The only words that will be written in Spanish are the 6 farm animals. Students will draw illustrations that depict what they’ve written in the story.

Farm animals

el pollo-chicken

el gallo-rooster

la gallina-hen

la vaca-cow

la cabra-goat

la oveja-sheep

el perro-dog

el gato=cat

el cerdo-pig

el pato-duck

el ganso-goose


Students will use the following verb conjugations to write sentences using the zoo animal vocabulary. Students will write 13 sentences using the following verbs.

camina-walks (3rd person singular)

caminan-walk (3rd person plural)

salta-jumps (3rd person singular)

saltan-jump (3rd person plural)

corre-runs (3rd person singular)

corren-run (3rd person plural)

The verbs can be used more than once.

additional vocabulary- The word y means and in Spanish. The word con means with.

Example– El mono salta. (The monkey jumps.) El mono y el gorila saltan. (The monkey and gorilla jump.)

Culminating Activity

Students will create a farm animal booklet.  Students will work with 6 different classmates to make a bilingual animal booklet.  The students will use the verbs and animal words to write 6 sentences in Spanish and English.  Once the sentences have been wriiten, the students will draw illustrations for each sentence.  The students will present their books to the class.

Zoo animals

el mono-monkey

el gorila-gorilla

el camello-camel

la jirafa-giraffe

el elefante-elephant

el león-lion

el oso pardo-brown bear

el oso polar-polar bear

el tigre-tiger

la avestruz-ostrich

el aguila-eagle

el cocodrilo-crocodile

el mapache-raccoon

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