Los Modos de Transporte (3rd-5th grades)

Posted on Sunday, March 20th, 2016 at 3:59 pm

Students will collect modes of transportation data and plot it a graph. Students will ask if classmate how he/she gets to school. The student will ask, “Como vas a la escuela?” How do you get to school? The other student will answer with, “Voy en…” I go in…Here are the words for the activity: la bicicleta-bike, el patinete-scooter, el patin-roller skates, el barco-boat, el coche-car, el camion-truck, el autobus-bus, el tren-train, and el avion-airplane.

Culminating activity for 5th grade

Students will use the 12 means of transportation to write a sentence for each one using personification and hyperbole.  The students will draw a funny illustration for each sentence. The students will use Google translate to translate the sentence into Spanish.  For example, the horse could say, “I am tired of carring people around on my back.

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