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Week of Dec. 11th

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Winter Spirit Days
December 11-15, 2017

Monday – Crazy Day🌈
Crazy Colorful Clothes 👚👖
Crazy Socks
Crazy Hair🎩

Tuesday – Pajama & Stuff Animal and Movie (3-3:45) Day🎬

Wednesday – Education T-Shirt Day 🎒
Wear any school t-shirt or hoodie
Staff eat lunch with students and share high school and college experiences

Thursday – Ugly/Beautiful Winter❄ Sweater Contest Day (Prizes awarded in class)

Friday – Twin or Jean Day👬


Week of Dec. 3rd – k and 1st grades

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Students will continue to make a flip booklet for the classroom materials.

Week of Dec. 3rd- (4th and 5th grades)

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Students will change the verbs into pictures.




usar la computadora-use the computer

practicar deportes-practice sports





Use the example below.

Week of Dec. 3rd-(6th Grade)

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Test over the following words:

el otono-fall                                  le gusta-she or he likes.

el invierno-winter                       esta nublado-It’s cloudy.

la primavera-spring                    hace sol. It’s sunny.

el verano-summer                       hace frio-It’s cold.

te gusta-You like                          hace calor. It’s hot.

me gusta-I like                             nieva-It’s snowing.

llueve-It’s raining.                       hace viento-It’s windy.

Week of Dec. 3rd – (Middle School/Cohort 3)

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Create a mini booklet of the following expressions along with a picture that goes along with the expression: Cover Page- Que tienes?-What’s going on? Write Que tienes? at the top of every page with the exception of the last page. p. 1 Tengo frio. -I am cold, p. 2 Tengo calor-I am hot, p. 3 Tengo sed.-I am thirsty. p. 4 Tengo hambre. I am hungry. p. 5Tengo sueno. I am sleepy. p. 6 Tengo la gripe. I have a fever. p. 7 Tengo miedo. I am afraid. p. 8 Tengo prisa. I am in a hurry. p. 9 Tengo razon. I am right. p. 10. Tengo suerte. I am lucky. p. 11. The last page should read, Cuantos anos tienes? How old are you? On the last page write Tengo ________anos at the bottom of the page.