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Class activities this week

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Students in grades k-2 will practice greetings in Spanish this week.

Introduce new vocabulary -hola, buenos dias, buenas tardes, buenas noches, hasta la vista, adios, por favor, gracias, de nada, la rana, como se llama el nino, como te llama? Me llamo, se llama 

video-greetings- make illustations of  greetings.

practice greetings vocabulary with the teacher and/or classmate.

Grades 3rd-5th will practice commands in Spanish.


Introduce commands-dale-give him/give her, levantate-stand up, sientate-sit, alto-stop, sigue-go, traeme-bring me, busca-find, cuenta-count, dame-give me, pon-put, toca-touch, ve-go, muestrame-show, salta-jump, quita-take away, mira-look, watch, dibuja-draw

video-imperatives in Spanish.

make cards with imperatives.

Grades 5th-8th

Introduce commands-agrupa-group, alto-stop, busca-look for, colorea-color, cuenta-da un salitito or ve dando saltitos-hop, dale-give him/her, dame-gime me, date una vuelta-turn around, dibuja-draw, dibuja una linea, elige-pick, levantate-stand up, marca-dial, mira-look, watch,muestrame-

show me, pon-put, pon un circulo, draw a circle,  pon un circulo-draw a circle, quita-take away, saca-take out, salta or ve saltando-jump
make cards with imperatives
practice commands with the teacher and/or peers.