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Become a Designer/La Ropa-Clothes

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Students will design clothes and label the different categories in Spanish. Activity: Pretend to be a designer like Gap, Versace, Nike, or Addias.  Create a new brand of clothes and shoes. Make sure the name of your brand is a Spanish name. For example, you can name your brand Tigre-tiger. After you design the clothes, you will draw a tigre on each clothing article and shoe. By doing this, you will know that your brand is Tigre. You can look at websites like or to help you set up the different catergories. These two companies are well-known Spanish companies in Europe, Mexico, and in some parts of the United States. Here are the following categories: Pantalones-pants, Camisas-shirts, Zapatos-shoes, Abrigos-coats, Medias-stockings, Calcetines-socks, Gorras-caps, Sombreros-hats, Zapatillas-gym shoes, Faldas-skirts, Vestidos-dresses, Pantalones cortos-shorts, Las botas-boots.  Design two articles per category.  Once you have completed the activity, present your new brand to the class.  Here is a video to help you remember the clothing vocabulary.