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27 Oct

Write a Spanglish story about taking a virtual trip to a Spanish-speaking country.  Include that country’s flag and map outline on the assignment.  The story should be 2 paragraphs in length (5-7 sentences in each paragraph).  The story should involve you visiting a school there in that country.  And while visiting, you get hurt and must communicate to the doctor in Spanglish how you got hurt.  Here the words you should use: Que te duele?-Where is the pain?, la cabeza-head, el tobillo-ankle, el brazo-arm, el dedo de la mano-finger, el dedo del pie-toe, el ojo-eye.  Students should also... 

21 Oct

Here are the new words for this week’s activty: la camisa-shirt, la camiseta-T-shirt, los pantalones-pants, el vestido-dress, los zapatos-shoes and el abrigo-coat.  Students will design a clothing line.  Students will use these Spanish words when they design their clothes line.  i.e. Camisa Play day.  Play day would be the name of the clothing label.  Students will present their designer label to the class next week.  

16 Oct

The test will be next week. Here are the answers for next week’s test: Part 1:Columbus was born in 1451 in Italy, Columbus set sail from Spain in search of a new route to the Indies on August 3, 1492, Columbus arrived to the Bahamas on October 12, 1492. Part 2: Translate the following words into English: indígena, volar, and pavo. Part 3: Locate the following countries on the map: Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador.  

13 Oct

Students must use the following words in a Spanglish sentence: indÍgena, volar, pavo.  For example, feliz means happy.  I want to be feliz.  After you use the word in a sentence, underline the Today’s word.