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20 Dec

We will continue to discuss the San Miguel produce market in Madrid, Spain. We made a produce collage in class. Please review the following words with your child: la manzana-apple, la pera-pear, el maiz-corn, las zanahorias-carrots, la naranja-orange, el platano-banana. There will be an assessment over these words after Winter Break.  

13 Dec

Students will be assessed over the following: A las 7:00, me levanto-I wake up at 7:00. A las 8:00, como el desayuno-I eat breakfast at 8:00. A las 9:00, camino a la escuela-I walk to school at 9:00. A las 10:00, estudio espanol-I study Spanish at 10:00. A las 11:00, voy al recreo.-I go out for recess at 11:00. A las 12:00, como el almuerzo.-I eat lunch at 12:00. A las 4:00, voy a casa.-I go home at 4:00.