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26 Nov

Students will be tested over the following words: camino-I walk, hablo-I talk, bailo-I dance, me levanto-I get up, me acuesto- I lay down, escribo-I write, corro-I run. We will continue to talk about the Peruvian Incas and make Peruvian sun masks.  

19 Nov

Students will be tested over the classroom objects on Wednesday. Here are the new vocabulary words for this week. hablo-I talk, escribo-I write, camino-I walk, corro-I run, como-I eat, bailo-I dance, salto-I jump, me levanto-I get up, me acuesto-I lay down.  

14 Nov

Today, we will complete our Peruvian Nazca lines in class. We will also discuss the Spanish word of the Day and introduce the new vocabulary for this week, classroom objects. 1. la escuela-school 2. la clase-class 3. la maestra-teacher 4. el estudiante-student 5. la silla-chair 6. la basura-trash can 7. la mesa-table 8. el mapa-map 9. la mochila-backpack 10. la pizarra-chalkboard Please access my blog to copy the Spanish Word of the Day nightly. Write the word of the day on index cards as well as the vocabulary for the classroom objects. On one side write the Spanish word and on the other side... 

12 Nov

On Wednesday, Rooms 204 and half of Mr. Bui’s class will be responsible for accessing my blog nightly to write down the Spanish Today’s Word and sentence on note cards. I will inform my students of the aformentioned when I see them on Wednesday in class.  

8 Nov

For the past week, we looked at artwork from Fernando Botero (Colombian) and from Joan Miro (Spanish). After viewing powerpoints about these two artists, we created sculpters and art pieces. We are now looking at Peru. My students have discovered Nazca lines that can be found in the Peruvian desert. These Nazca lines are in the shape of animals. They can only be seen from an arial view. We will make our own Nazca lines of different animals in the coming weeks.