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2nd grade

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Finish today’s classroom assignment at home. Here are the words for this activity:Los cuartos de la casa-rooms in the house, la sala-livingroom, el comedor-diningroom, la cocina-kitchen, el dormitorio-bedroom, el sotano-basement, el atico-attic. Students must draw the pictures of all the rooms and label them in English and Spanish. They must also color their rooms. This assignment is due tomorrow.

kindergarten and 1st grade

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review the words for the different types of fruit:el platano, el melon, el durazno, las uvas, las fresas. Students are currently composing a Spanish activity booklet.

2nd grade (Costa Rica Rainforest Animal Book)

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Front cover-Picture of rainforest and title. The title in Spanish La Selva Tropical de Costa Rica. Inside is complete with six pages of the following animals: perezoso-sloth, la conga-howler monkey, lagarto-lizard, cocodrilo-crocodile, rana de arbol-red eye tree frog, murcielago-bat. The back cover should be an animal or a picture of the Costa Rican rainforest.