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30 Jan  

30 Jan

We have been discussing different animals in class.  i.e. mice, fish and foxes.   After reading the stories aloud in both Spanish and English, we talk about what they eat as well as summarize the beginning, middle and ending in each story.  Ask your children about some of the vocab we have talked about in class.  el zorro-fox, el raton-mouse, el pato-duck.  While discussing these stories, we constantly talk about the colors, numbers, and alphabet in Spanish.  

25 Jan

Review the body parts. p. 28 in the Spanish workbook  

20 Jan

3rd grade Research a Hispanic painter. You must choose an artist from one of the 21 Spanish-speaking countries.  Brazil and Haiti are not Spanish-speaking countries.  Please include a 2 paragraph summary of his or her life. The paragraph must be written in English and Spanish. You may use in order to translate the paragraph. For example, when was he/she born? When did he/she start painting? You also must submit the flag and map of their country. Lastly, please draw and paint one of their paintings. Place finished product on a poster board and not a display board. Due date:... 

14 Jan

2nd graders will make a Dr. MLK collage to celebrate his birthday.  

12 Jan

Students will have a test over basic shapes this week.  

6 Jan

Students must submit a family tree. It is due Monday, 1/11/2010. Please include the following: title-Mi Árbol Genealógico (My Family Tree); Los abuelos-grandparents, los padres-parents, los tíos-aunts and uncles, los hermanos-brothers and sisters, los primos-cousins. Please write the title of each family member in Spanish. For example, if you have the names of your grandparents, you should put ( Abuelo- Joe), ( Abuela-Mary. Please do not submit the actual picture. If you choose to do so, please send photocopies of the pictures. Drawing your family is always an option. Please be creative. If... 

5 Jan

This week we will read the story Corduroy in class.  Before we read the story, we will discuss vocabulary words that are pertinent to bears.  After reading the story, students will draw an illustration from the story and write words in Spanish that pertain to the story. Please ask your child about the story.  El ostio (ehl oh see toe) little bear