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¡FELIZ AŇO NUEVO! (Happy New Year)

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¡Felices Vacaciones Invernales! (Happy Winter Vacation)
Kindergarten (12-14-09)

This week we read Where the Wild Things Are in Spanish. When we finished reading, we made masks from the book. Please ask your children about some of the words they learned from the story. Here are some of the words and expressions: rey (ray) –king ; basta ya (bahs tah yah) – enough already.

1st grade (12-14-09)We played the game I spy in Spanish. Ask your child to show you how to play I spy in Spanish. Veo, veo (veh oh, veh oh) – I spy ; que ves (kay vehs) – what do you see? Una cosita (ooh nah co see tah) something. Que cosita es? (kay coh see tah ehs) what is it?


2nd grade (12-14-09)

We read Hogar en el Aire (My Home in the Sky)in class. This story was about a person who took care of pigeons. These pigeons lived in an abandoned skyscraper in New York. After reading this story, we designed our own skyscrapers and identified the geometry in the architecture of the skyscraper. Please ask your child about the vocabulary from the story.

3rd grade (12-14-09)

In 3rd grade, we read about Diego Rivera. Now we’re painting our own Diego Rivera mural in class.

Enjoy your break!

3rd grade (12-8-09)

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Today we read about Diego Rivera. We learned that he was a famous Mexican artist. He was born Dec. 8, 1886. After reading about this great artist, we discussed his accomplishments. Tomorrow we will paint several Rivera murals in class.

2nd grade (12-7-09)

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This week we will be assessed over the different rooms in the house.

3rd grade (12-7-09)

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We will focus on multiplication this week.

1st grade (12-7-09)

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Today we read The Three Billy Goats/Los tres cabritos (lohs trehs cah bree toes) in class. After we read the book, we drew a scene from the story and discussed the number of animals and people in the book. We will continue to work on the numbers 20-50.

Kindergarten (12/7/09)

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Today we read El chivo en la huerta (The Goat in the Garden). Ask your child about the book and see if he or she can remember some of the words from the story. El chivo (ehl chee voh)- goat, el torito (ehl toe ree toe) – little bull, la hormiguita (lah or mee gee tah) little ant. After reading the story we counted the chili peppers using tally marks. This week we will continue to focus on counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.