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26 Oct

SPANISH Weekly overview 10-26-09 – 10-30-09 Kindergarten: Review the following vocabulary words for Friday’s test. Las manazas (lahs mahn thah nahs) –apples El pompillo (ehl pohm pee yo) –blossom Students should review what they have done in class each night for homework. Students will be assessed over these words at the end of the week. If you have questions pertinent to the homework, please e-mail me at SPANISH Weekly overview 10-26-09 – 10-30-09 1st grade: Review the following vocabulary words for Friday’s test. El lápiz (ehl lah peeth) pencil El... 

23 Oct

el libro (ehl lee broh) – book la bandera (lah bahn deh rah) – flag la silla (lah see jah) – chair la regla (lah reh glah) – ruler  

23 Oct

Practice these words: Que haces?  (kay ah thays)  What are you doing? Que hora es? (kay oh rah ehs) What time is it?  

22 Oct

Practice these words with your parents. Caminamos (cah mee nah mohs-We walk Bailamos (by lah mohs)-We dance Damos la vuelta (dah mohs lah voo ehl tah)- Let’s spin. Alto (Ahl toe)- stop Saltamos (sahl tah mohs)- We jump. Corremos (coh reh mohs)- We run  

21 Oct

Finish flashcards/p. 11 in the Spanish workbook.  

21 Oct

Homework: p. 7 in Spanish workbook  

21 Oct

A List of Spanish Speaking Countries and Capitals Europe   Spain – Madrid Africa   Equatorial Guinea – Malabo North America   Mexico – Mexico City Central America   Guatemala – Guatemala City     Honduras – Tegucigalpa   El Salvador – San Salvador   Nicaragua – Managua   Costa Rica – San José   Panama – Panama City Carribean   Cuba – Havana   Dominican Republic – Santo      Domingo                      Puerto Rico – San Juan   South America   Venezuela – Caracas   Colombia... 

21 Oct  

20 Oct

The World Language Department would like to thank: the administration, the PTA, The Tarby family, parent volunteers, teachers, teachers’ assistants, and most of all the students for all of their diligent work during Hispanic Heritage Month.  

19 Oct

Kindergarten Numbers 1-20, colors, the alphabet, body parts, commands (dance, stand up, sit down, turn around, walk, run, stop, and jump). 1st grade classroom objects (chalk, chalkboard, table, desk, ruler, globe, pencil, marker) 2nd grade the parts of a house (the chimney, garage, roof, door, windows, patio, yard) Please write down the Today’s Words from my blog and bring them in this week. 3rd grade continue to present Hispanic Heritage Month projects. Please write down the Today’s Words from my blog and bring them in this week.  

17 Oct


16 Oct

Himno de las Américas (R. Sciamarella) Un canto de amistad, de buena vecindad, unidos nos tendrá eternamente. Por nuestra libertad, por nuestra lealtad debemos de vivir gloriosamente. Un símbolo de paz alumbrará el vivir de todo el Continente Americano. Fuerza de Optimismo, fuerza de la hermandad será este canto de buena vecindad. Argentina, Brasil y Bolivia, Colombia, Chile y Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela, Guatemala y El Salvador, Costa Rica, Haití y Nicaragua, Honduras y Panamá, Norteamérica, México y Perú, Cuba y Canadá: ¡Son hermanos soberanos de la libertad! ¡Son hermanos...