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Body parts for this week (10-1-09)

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Kindergarten – 3rd grade

head –  cabeza ( cah beh thah)

shoulders – hombros (ohm brohs)

feet – pies (pee ehs)

knees – rodillas (roh dee jahs)

eyes – ojos (oh ohs)

ears – orejas (oh reh hahs)

mouth – boca (boh cah)

nose – nariz (nah reeth)

jaws – mellijas (meh hee jahs)

Hispanic Heritage Gallery Walk

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Our Hispanic Gallary Walk will be on October 16, 2009

from 8:15a.m. until 8:45a.m.

Special Project

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Attention 3rd grade parents,

We are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15). Please assist your children with their projects.

Special Project

3rd grade students must submit a Hispanic Heritage Project. Here is the criteria: Research a famous Hispanic Sports Player. Write a 2 paragraph paper about his or her talent. Your paragraph must include the following: the year he/she was born;where he/she was born;the sport the person plays and what makes him/her so special. You must also display this research paper on a display board along with the flag and map of this player’s country.

The project is due on October 9, 2009.

Week of September 28th

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Students will  review vocabulary words.


Students will review numbers 1-10, counting forwards and backwards.

1st grade

Students will greet others, respond to greetings and say goodbye.

2nd grade

Students will review classroom objects and clothing items.

3rd grade

Students will discuss sports.  3rd grade will also continue to research a Hispanic Sports Player for Hispanic Heritage Month.  Their project must be submitted by October 9, 2009.